Massage therapies play an important role in the medical world as it has thousands of benefits through which a person can feel fresh, relaxed, detoxed and stress-free. There are lots of SPA therapies available like Swedish SPA Therapy, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage and the list continues.
Today we are going to discuss “What is Ace Massage?” and “What are the benefits of Ace Massage”.

What is Ace Massage?

Famously known as cupping massage, the actual name of this therapy is Ace Cupping Massage. It is slightly painful as it is the Vacuum Therapy in which hot inflammation from the deep tissues is released. Due to the strong effects, it has on your skin, your skin color can turn into red which means that the blood circulation is now bought at the surface. Once the Ace Massage is done, the applications of liniments, plant hydrosols, oils, and analgesics are applied to the body immediately because of which the tissues will absorb the product.

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Why we need Ace Massage?

It is necessary to keep our tissue cells active and clean for that dead cells must be removed from the tissues and it can be done only by the therapy that is What is Ace Massage. The Ace Massage bring nourishment to the body and clean the dirty toxins via the lymph.
If any person is suffering from chronic and acute pain, Ace Massage is really beneficial for them as they can get relief from the pain. Ace Massage is also known for releasing restrictions in fascia and tissues having scars. So, try to find some time for yourself and go for an Ace Cupping Massage once in every month.

How Ace Massage is Done?

After reading the information regarding What is Ace Massage, you must know how it is done in order to be prepared so you will not feel scared while looking at props used for it.

·         In Ace Massage, cups are used that are large in size. It is kept in the back area of your body and a strong vacuum will be released which will massage your tissues. You won’t feel discomfort in it as once the vacuum start massaging the tissues, you will feel relaxed.

·         It is not just a massage therapy, it is also used in surgeries and is known as ACE Vacutherapies. Even doctors are amazed by the speed of recovery they have seen in their patients.

·         Patients suffering from extreme burns can get an Ace Cupping Massage treatment after their surgery is done. Though it will be painful for them they will recover very fast.

Now you must be knowing that what this massage is, we will now see the Top 3 Benefits of Ace Massage. There are thousands of advantages but we will be covering the Top 3 advantages.  

Advantages of Ace Massage?

1.       Improves body strength and power: If you love to play sports game but not able to because of body pain you are suffering from then you must go for an Ace Cupping Massage as it uses the vacuum which directly connects with your tissues and massages it because of which you feel good.

2.       Reduce Stress and Tension: Stress and Tension are the most common reason for not behaving properly with our family members or friends because of workload or tension. Ace Massage helps the lower levels and it is also known as boosting therapy that refills energy and freshness in our body and we feel stress and tension free.

3.       Get rid of arthritis symptoms: If you feel like you are facing arthritis symbol then an Ace cupping massage.

Apart from these amazing Benefits of Ace Massage, there are people who must avoid using this therapy because it can cause harm to them and put their lives at risk. Let us see who must avoid the Ace Massage.

Ace Massage is not at all for the people who are suffering from Heart Disease, Skin Disease, Dermatitis, Kidney Problems, Hemophilia, and Leukaemia and pregnant women must stay away too.
You must be wondering that what is the cost you need to pay for Ace Massage. Is it too high? No, you can get this massage at the reasonable rate like around 10$-20$.

Let us take a look at which types of cupping therapies are there:
·         Retaining Cupping: After every 5-15 minutes of skin suction the cups are retained.
·         Needle Cupping: the suction process starts after the therapist inserts the needle into an acupressure point that is inside the cup used for treatment.
·         Moxa Cupping: The moxa cupping includes a lightning process which is known as mugwort herb. This creates heats at acupoints and because of this the blockages in the blood releases.
·         Water Cupping: If you are choosing water cupping then be prepared to bear the heat because in water cupping hot or boiling water is used and it is rubbed on the skin.

Mentioned above are the ace cupping massage types which are used by many therapists. You can grab these offers in y resorts or salons in your city. When compares with other SPA Therapies, this is considered as one of the most painful SPA therapies as it includes suction, needle, cups, hot waters and many more things.


What are you waiting for now? If you want to remove dead cells from your tissues and want your tissues to function properly, get an ace massage from a good salon and if you find it effective, recommend it to your friends, family members and other relatives. Apart from cleansing your tissues, you will feel relaxed and fresh from inside. 

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