Looking for What is Nuru Massage? Vacations are for fun and in vacations, you must visit destinations like Goa, Daman, Diu, London, Paris, Kerala, Maldives and more to relax and enjoy with your friends, family, and relatives. These kinds of opportunities are not available every time as we all get busy with our lives when it comes to working.

After reaching your destination place, the very first thing you must go for is a relaxing and detoxing massage. There are various types of massage therapies like Thai massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and more.
Today we are here to discuss “What is Nuru Massageand What are the benefits of Nuru Massage”. Let us start with is an introduction.

What is Nuru Massage?

Famous in Kawasaki City, Nuru Massage is an erotic massage technique and this massage is offered by lots of resorts and hotels at many picnic places. The method of doing Nuru Massage includes two parties one is the Nuru masseuses and second is the client itself. The client is required to remove all their clothes and the masseuses will rub their body on their client’s body.  

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What Is Nuru Massage?

The lotions which are used for massage are tasteless, odorless and because of this, the client only feels relaxed and tension free. The word Nuru is a Japanese language word that means smooth and slippery. As there is a physical contact between the client and masseuses, the masseuses use their hands to apply the lotion on the entire body and through this the strong tactile sense becomes active and the stress, tension is released from the body.

After looking at What is Nuru Massage, we will now see What are the Benefits of Nuru Massage and why you require it. We will be covering the Top 10 Benefits of Nuru Massage.

Benefits of Nuru Massage?

There are lots of Benefits of Nuru Massage but we will be covering the Top 10 Massages that are helpful for us. These are some of the benefits that will help us in our regular life. Apart from Nuru Massage, there are another type of massages too which have these benefits.

1.       Get rid of body pain: We are addicted to painkillers. Whenever we suffer from body pain we just take a painkiller pill and take rest. But, Nuru massage is considered as the natural painkiller as the massages activates the muscles and the pain is released.

2.       Erotic Senses get activated: The erotic senses of the body, libido increase and it helps with arousal issues. You feel tension free and relaxed.

3.       Improves Immune System: The massage makes you feel so relaxed that the inner body also gets effected. Nuru massage helps in improving the immune system. We all have a habit of eating junk food, especially youngsters so sometimes we feel ill from inside. With the help of this massage, you will feel fresh too.

4.        Injuries are recovered in less time: Normally when we have internal injuries, it takes time to recover but Nuru Massage is highly beneficial for injuries. Injuries take less time than normal in recovering when it is treated by Nuru Massage.

5.       Nuru Massage Makes you tension free: You will forget all your tensions and feel fresh all day after taking a relaxing and refreshing Nuru massage.

6.       Improves Blood Circulation: Because of regularly eating junk food and not following a discipline our body’s blood circulation gets effected. Nuru Massage is one of the ways that can improve the blood circulation. When the pulse rate increases, the blood is pumped more by the body that helps in circulation.

7.       Headache Relief: Nuru Massage includes back massage and shoulder massage because of which we get relief from a headache. If you belong to IT background then you surely must be suffering from often headaches because of continuously keeping your eye on a monitor.  Nuru Massage is considered as one of the best massages for getting relief from headaches.

8.       Lower Back-Pain Relief: There is a therapy known as reflexology in which some specific points of the foot are massaged which helps in reducing the back pain. If you are suffering from a migraine then Nuru Massage is definitely for you.

9.       Helps in improving body posture: Nuru Massage Therapy helps in improving body posture, aligns muscular-skeletal structure and helps in stretching muscles and removes stiffness. If you are doing exercise regularly but not following the actual posture, it can affect the structure of your body so take care while doing exercises.

1.   Removes Stiffness and Improves Flexibility: Nuru Massage helps in removing the stiffness from the body and increasing the flexibility. Continuously sitting at one place and working for 6-7 hours makes our body stiff because of which we suffer from joint pain and body pain. That is why it is better to get a massage at least once in a month to stay away from stiffness.

Mentioned above are the Top 10 Benefits of Nuru Massage that can help in improving your body by reducing your stress, tension, activating your cells and making you feel fresh. If you are at a destination spot where Nuru Massage is available you must go for it. You can even recommend it to your buddies and family members who are not able to get rest because of their busy schedule.
You can easily get Nuru Massage at many places especially at beachside resorts, like resorts in Goa, Daman, Diu, Mumbai, Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar, Cape Town and more.


Here is all the information regarding What is Nuru Massage and What are the Benefits of Nuru Massage. Apart from this, there are many other SPA therapies like skin therapy, body to body therapies and more. So, what are you waiting for? Go on holidays and enjoy Nuru Massage if you want to enjoy the sensual massage and get tension free. 

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  1. Nuru massage is certainly a very interesting experience. I was kinda hesitating with giving it a try at first. On one hand, I was all for having a naked hot girl sliding all over my body. On the other hand I didn't really like the idea of being all covered in some slimy goo. :D To be honest the gel feels surprisingly pleasant and I really enjoyed my session. If you ever gonna have a way to Prague, you should definitely try this place. Its by far my favorite massage parlor in Prague. :)